Choreography 1

Content of the CHOREOGRAPHY 1 education

  • The determination to become a choreographer
  • The choreographer as a special person
  • Logical build up and roadmap for choreography 
  • Content of a good quality choreography in the 5 latin dances
  • General spatial design and directions
  • The orientation of the dancer
  • Floorcraft 
  • Spatial body movement design
  • Temporal body movement design

Structure of the online education

  • Education over 3 months in 6 sessions via Zoom
  • 18-20 hours online education
  • Profound education documents (Education Manual of 46 pages)
  • Many suitable examples, links and videos to the topic musicality
  • Free demand service for questions
  • Morning education times for teachers
  • Application of the Rhythmecality method
  • Payment in one or three monthly rates possible
  • Education price will be communicated in the first personal meeting