Body oVer Mind
Für Sport, Beruf und Alltag

For sports, work and everyday life

Become more aware of your own body. Experience yourself anew in it through the inspiring experiences with the TONEMEUP-PRO method.

A method and its patented elastic belt that I have developed together with my friend and business partner Jürgen Neudeck over the last 10 years.

In order to get into a state of real well-being in your body, you will be able to experience an effective change within yourself: Your feeling of security and inner satisfaction will bring you into an upright and stable posture. Your emotional conviction will radiate from within by making you feel completely “at home”.


BODY OVER MIND with the TONEMEUP-PRO method is a support developed for you with the elastic Pro belt on and around your body which puts you back in the center of your life. By paying attention to these methods you will noticeably gain sovereignty, security and self-confidence in everything you do. Increasingly, a new, grown body consciousness will be able to develop in you. As a result, even your daily experiences will take on a different meaning and dimension for you: You will come into flow with yourself, your body and your experience.

You can find more information about the Tonemeup-Pro belt and the possible educations here:

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