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As a multiple World and European champion in Latin American competitive dancesport, I look back on an inspiring time. My teachers managed to rekindle my inner fire over and over again. A motivating dancing environment additionally supported this development, so that I could always live out my desire and passion for dancesport on a high level.

Therefore, in 2007, the idea was born to create just such an inspiring atmosphere and motivating academic “home” for the dancers: the Nitsche Dance Academy (NDA). 

A well-founded basis for a holistic competitive dance development. The underlying dance concept of the NDA are 12 topics, which are connected and interwoven in terms of content with each other. Some of them are mentioned here: Musicality, Rhythmecality, Dynamics, Partnering, Choreography, Body Mechanics, Mental Strength and many more.

The birth of the NTA

Through the needs of the dance teachers, coaches, professional dancers and dance school teachers in 2020 a further education has been developed. This is how the NDA became the Nitsche Teacher Academy (NTA) – an online educational platform used worldwide.

Above the physical dance experience there is always the knowledge and learning of the mind and spirit, which explains the superior term MIND OVER BODY as such.

In the Nitsche Teacher Academy similarly you can find the 12 dance topics of NDA form, which are the basis of the respective educational teacher courses.
The online educational period of each dance topic extends over three months – consisting of six sessions that build on each other in a modular way. There is additionally an accompanying Education Manual (40-60 pages pdf) that serves as a working basis and a lifetime reference book for the participants.

There are currently 4 educational courses in the NTA programme

Musicality 1
Musicality 2
Dynamics 1
Choreography 1

Further educational topics are constantly being planned and prepared (as for example Partnering 1, planned for 2023/2024).

Partnering 1

The goal is to offer all 12 topics as educational teacher courses in the NTA.


Lene James

Julie Fryer

Franco Formica

Dorin & Marina

Mind over Body

Since October 2023, the Nitsche Teacher Academy (NTA) has gained another branch of education. The NTA MasterClass!

The MasterClass is a worldwide online platform and community for dance sport teachers/coaches, professional dancers and dance school teachers.

The concept of the MasterClass stems from the original idea of the NDA (2007). It offers members (teachers) the opportunity to exchange ideas with myself and the best experts and professionals from our dance sport industry on changing dance topics (every 3 months) and to develop and educate themselves constantly. In addition, experts and speakers from other areas of dance are also invited (ballet, dance theater, choreographers, etc.).

All experts are carefully selected according to the topic and prepared by me personally to meet the needs of the members.

The MasterClass concept provides you with various benefits and opportunities:

One session monthly (2 hours) with an international expert
Additionally 30 minutes evaluation and open talk
Available recordings during the membership (1 year)
Extra communication platform between the members (dashboard)
Group of discussion 24h/24h on WhatsApp

Included in the MasterClass membership is a FREE online educational course with myself (3 months – 6 lectures – 3,5 hours per lecture) on one of my existing topics. (See NTA educational courses above)
All repeat courses are also free for members.

The membership of the MasterClass is for at least one year. It is contractually regulated between the members and the NTA.

Members can theoretically join and enter the MasterClass at any time. It would make sense to join at the beginning of a season when the topic changes. (January/April/July/October)
All interested teachers will be informed about the content and conditions of the MasterClass in a personal preliminary meeting (talk).

I look forward to a constantly growing MasterClass community of teachers all around the world.

Vision & Credo

My vision is to create a education opportunity for teachers that is completely free from political influences. Every motivated and dance-enthusiastic dance sport teacher is therefore cordially invited.

My credo is and always will be:
FREEDOM for education


Lene James


Holger Nitsche

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Mind over Body

Feel your rhythm

The method Rhythmecality also runs under the superior term of MIND OVER BODY.
It is a musical learning method developed for dancers, dance teachers and dance school teachers.

Together with my friend and business partner Jürgen Neudeck, I wrote a book series from 2002-2014 that rhythmically introduces the five different Competitive Latin Dances.

Instead of getting lost in theory while counting, you learn again to feel and discover the rhythm in your own body, to hear it in the music and to translate it into movement. A musical rhythm is always the organic (physical) connection between harmonic sounds. In our book and CD series, we have created a structure in which specific musical sounds are in a physical connection with the dancer’s body rhythm.

The intention is therfore to visualize a given rhythm in the music in the dancer’s body. A change of the sound should lead to a change in the body through different instruments. This means that the rhythm of the music is visually represented by the rhythm of the body!

With the knowledge and understanding of the method, the dancer can later move safely in the tempo, to the beat and also in the rhythm of the music. Rhythmecality provides structured movement instruction for this purpose.

Dance sport and dance school teachers also receive a methodical structure for their lessons.

Find out more on Rhythmecality here:

I do not have a body.

I do not create rhythm.


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