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Feel your inner attitude

Experience your personal inspiration through the movement of body and mind alike. Have you already had the emotional experience with yourself that your posture has a direct influence on your perception, voice and inner attitude? And from this a corresponding behavior is recognizable?

Together with my good friend and successful SelfmentCoach Thierry Ball I have developed a concept and workshop called “Go upright through life“.

In this concept and workshops, you will learn how a changed, more positive body posture generates an immediate distinct reaction from the outside. This will make you feel better yourself instantly. It is about the connection of the inner attitude (your sincerity to yourself) with the outer physical straightening (erection) of your body. Both are closely connected and can be felt inside as well as outside.

Nothing is inside, nothing is outside, because what is inside is outside.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In my method “Go upright through life” I choose this quote in reverse order: “Nothing is outside, nothing is inside, because what is outside is inside”, because the approach in BodyCoaching is outside – in the body area and the body experience. This creates access to my inner integrity and honesty.

Through the approach of outer physical straightening (erection) of your body, I enable access to your innermost core of being in the workshops and seminars. This includes the intensive focus on the core area (body center), in which your inner self values can be found, as well as the connection to the ground with your feet, the roots of your stability and the opening of the body front. Furthermore, it is about the area to the outside – the communication with your environment.

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